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Workers Compensation Claim Monterey Park

Recovering after receiving a work related injury can be very hard, especially if the injury was severe and caused additional problems and complications. Your medical bills keep piling up and you are left with only a few choices. You have no income, and the situation is starting to get worse. What do you do, where do you seek help?

Our worker’s compensation attorney group understands what you are going through and thanks you for reaching out. Our attorneys are the best in the area, and will gladly help you overcome many challenges which you are faced with. With over 100 years of combined experience, our attorneys have all the required experience and knowledge to solve your case and get you what is legally owed to you. They know that some employers and their insurance companies tend to be uncooperative, and may deny your worker’s compensation claim. Don’t worry, with us on your side you have nothing to fear. We will take care of the legal aspect of your case and ensure that you are fully paid what you are owed. Your job is to reach out to us.


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Don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our personal injury worker’s compensation attorneys have recovered over 1 billion dollars in the past, and have all the skills required to take care of your case. Call 323-601-1159 and schedule a completely free initial consultation with one of our available personal injury attorneys. One there, you will be familiarized with everything concerning the case, and your options will be laid on the table. Once you find out what your options are, it is your decision whether we should pursue your financial compensation, which is something we highly suggest, or stay idle. Don’t let your fear and confusion cloud your judgment. You have nothing to lose, but have so much to gain. Hire us to do the job for you, and receive what is your in a timely manner.


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The state of California mandates that every employee who received a work related injury is entitled to a full medical care as well as any future medical treatment of the same injury, financial compensation for lost wages due to lost work and for pain and suffering endured in the process. If you received a work related injury, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for what is yours. The state protects you from any future damage, so you are completely invulnerable to any legal activities or lawsuits by your employer. If your employer is uncooperative, and along with the insurance company refuses to pay for your worker’s compensation, we will press charges and ensure that you receive full financial benefits for your work related injury. In addition, if no deal is made with the employer and the case proceeds to trial, you will be asked if you want to press additional charges against the employer. Usually, these cases end up in employee’s favor, so you have nothing to lose.


Workers Compensation Monterey Park

Give us a call, pick up your phone and dial 323-601-1159. Schedule a free consultation and learn all about worker’s compensation and worker’s compensation claim. Get the courage and inspiration needed to help you take your life back. Yes, you received a work related injury, but you shouldn’t let this hold you back. No matter how sever the injury and its consequences are, don’t give up on yourself. You are still alive, and you are still more than capable of fighting for justice. And justice says that you are owed a pretty large sum of money for your troubles. Let us help you receive it. Call us today.