Filing a Claim

Filing a Workers Compensation Claim in Los Angeles

Dealing with a workplace injury is not only physically traumatizing, but also frustrating, confusing, and overwhelming. Please know that you don’t have to go through this alone! Acting quickly gives you the best chance to receive immediate medial treatment, which is important to gaining a full recovery from many workplace injuries.  It is also the quickest way to get any financial benefits you may deserve that could help offset your lost income from not being able to work or having to work less hours due to your work injury.

Filing a Claim for Work Injury in Los Angeles

The state of California has rules as to how to report a workplace accident and injury, and if not reported in a timely manner you could put your ability to receive workers compensation benefits at risk. If you have been injured on the job it is important to immediately stop what you are doing and report the injury and demand a claim be filed and request immediate medical treatment. This is the best way to prevent your claim from being denied or delayed. Did you know that in the state of California employers are required to report all work comp injuries and if they don’t they could be in violation of state laws? This means that while the very first step is up to you, it is up to your employer to file a claim with their insurance provider immediately, and if they do not, you have even a better chance in having an accepted claim.

Work Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles

Having a qualified and skilled denied cases attorney in Los Angeles on your side will give you the best chance at getting an accepted claim and the medical and financial benefits you deserve. If a company shows signs of resisting help, or their insurance carrier is unwilling to provide you your due benefits in a timely manner, do not delay in calling an experienced work comp lawyer in Los Angeles and hand the reigns over to the those that handle similar stuff everyday.

Work Injury Attorney in Los Angeles

Whether you have filed a claim already or not, our delayed cases attorney in Los Angeles is here to help. If you have recently been injured and don’t know where to start, our legal professionals at the Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group in Los Angeles can completely take the responsibility off your shoulders and file the claim on your behalf and see your case though until the settlement is over.

Los Angeles Work Injury Lawyers

If you’ve already filed a claim, then you have taken the essential first step to getting the benefits you deserve. But it doesn’t stop there. Simply filing the claim is not enough without an application for adjudication for your claim. Adjudication is the process in which a judge reviews IMR arguments and evidence given by both sides of the workers’ compensation dispute.

Los Angeles Work Injury Attorneys

The Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group in Los Angles works with aggressive, knowledgeable, compassionate and ethical work injury attorneys in Los Angeles. Our experienced workers compensation attorney‘s focus is getting you the medical and financial compensation that you rightly deserve, and not letting profit-hungry insurance providers run you through the legal ringer. Do you need a disability attorney in Los Angeles? We have the most experienced one. Give yourself the best chance at achieving the best possible outcome in your workers compensation claim in Los Angeles and call the Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group in Los Angeles today to schedule a free consultation. Call 323-601-1159, and remember, all cases are taken on a contingency, which means if our attorneys don’t win your case, then you pay nothing.