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Road crashes are notorious for their unpredictability and potential to deal life-changing blows in a matter of seconds. They rarely result in smaller traumas and besides property damage usually include painful injuries, both physical and mental. Traffic smash-ups can leave physical and psychological scars that may require surgeries, long-lasting physical therapy, and counseling or behavioral therapies to deal with pent-up stress and trauma.

If you’ve had the misfortune of experiencing such a calamity, it’s crucial to contact experienced motorcycle and auto accidents lawyers in Los Angeles to help you come to terms with the tragedy, get the compensation you’re rightfully entitled to, and secure medical benefits if you’re suffering from chronic pain and an inability to function in your everyday life.

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Traffic disasters can be very dangerous causing injuries to the head, neck, back, spinal cord, or loss of limbs or motor functions, and in most severe and unfortunate cases, death. Getting what you deserve can become complicated since insurance companies will try to shift the blame onto your shoulders. This is why the evidence-gathering phase is crucial and why having a skilled and vigilant motorcycle and auto accidents lawyer from the get-go is so important.

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Another thing that may further complicate your quest for justice is the stigma that follows motorcyclists and their behavior on the road. Due to widespread stereotypes of biker recklessness and daredevil attitude, they can become victims of harmful prejudice. If we add to this the ruthlessness of profit-oriented insurance companies and a complicated system of workers’ comp benefits, it quickly becomes evident why having a reliable and aggressive auto and motorcycle accidents attorney in Los Angeles can make or break your case.

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If you’ve suffered a heavy blow in a traumatic traffic crash or you’re unfortunately dealing with a loss of a partner, get in touch with our caring motorcycle and auto accidents lawyers in Los Angeles to start building a strong case. With ample legal know-how and vast experience, we’re your best shot at getting what you’re entitled to under California law. We’ll ruthlessly but fairly fight for what you’re due and won’t let anyone profit from your tragedy. Reach out to us without delay!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to file a motorcycle accident claim?

The California statute gives you up to two years since the injury occurred to file a claim. If you miss this time frame, you won’t be eligible for compensation no matter how serious your condition is. Even though Los Angeles law gives you enough time to report your accident, in these types of cases time is of the essence. By acting early, you’re giving your motorcycle and auto accidents attorney the time needed to conduct an investigation, gather evidence, and talk to the witnesses. Don’t wait, contact us now!

Can you get PTSD from a motorcycle accident?

While almost all traffic crashes result in physical injuries of a certain degree, mental health aspects should not be underestimated. People tend to suffer badly from being put in a dangerous situation they can’t control.

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), PTSD is a regular consequence of motor vehicle calamities. If you feel like you’re suffering from PTSD, lean on your auto and motorcycle accidents lawyer in Los Angeles to include this on your personal injury insurance claim.

Will I receive compensation if I don't have auto insurance?

While getting the compensation package you deserve should rightly be your focus, receiving appropriate medical attention should be your primary concern. However, this can cost a pretty penny and may cause anxiety, especially if you don’t have auto insurance or your income stream has been interrupted due to your misfortune.

The good news is, there is nothing to worry about. With a meticulous Los Angeles motorcycle and auto accident attorney by your side, even if you don’t have auto insurance you may be eligible to receive compensation for:

  • Physical pain and mental suffering
  • Medical expenses incurred
  • Independent medical review
  • Future medical care
  • Vehicle repairs

How long can you be on workers’ comp in California?

If you’ve been involved in a road crash, the first thing your experienced auto and motorcycle accident lawyer will do is secure prompt medical treatment. Once the doctor finishes his check-up, you’ll receive a disability rating that will determine how long you’re eligible to receive your workers’ comp benefits based on the severity and nature of your trauma.

Most benefits last for up to 104 weeks, or approximately 2 years. If it suits you, you can choose to spread out these benefits over a five-year term. In certain cases, including third-degree burns and chronic respiratory diseases, temporary benefits may extend for up to 240 weeks or roughly four and a half years.

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