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If you received an injury while performing your regular work duties, you are entitled to several financial benefits. These financial benefits should cover for your medical care as well as any future medical treatments of the same injury, your pain and stress suffered, as well as lost wages due to inability to perform work duties and/or any type of disability. Our personal injury attorneys are highly experienced in recovering financial benefits for our clients, and will definitely help you get your worker’s compensation. If you never heard about it before, worker’s compensation is a sort of an agreement between you and your employer, where you agree not to legally charge him for negligence or unsafe working conditions, and he agrees to provide financial benefits for your injury and its consequences. This is something that has been around for years now, and employees all over the country have just started fighting for their rights. It’s sad knowing that there are people out there who have no clue of their options, and who let their lives become a mess after such event happens. Don’t become one of them, do something about it. We are here to help you resolve your case.

Workers Compensation Encino

The US Department of Labor mandates that any employee who received an injury while performing work duties should receive and is by the law entitled to a worker’s compensation. This financial compensation should cover lost wages, medical care and cover for stress and pain suffered. We highly encourage you to take advantage of your legal rights, and reach out to us today. Once you give us a call, our participating personal injury attorneys will schedule a free initial consultation where you will learn more about work related injuries, worker’s compensation, worker’s compensation claim and other legal things concerning the whole situation. After that, you will decide whether or not you want us on your team. If you sign a legal contract with us, you are not obliged to pay a single dollar for our services, and will not be asked to do us until your case is solved and you receive your financial benefits. In the meantime, we will cover for all legal expenses and paperwork that are needed in order for the case to proceed to evaluation.

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Our team of highly professional attorneys has over 100 years of combined experience. They have saved thousands of people from falling into financial crisis or complete bankruptcy. Let us save you from the exact same thing, and let us work together on getting what is legally entitled to you by the laws of the state of California. Employees have all the rights to fight for their financial compensations if they received a work related injury. Some of these injuries can be severe and cause permanent damage to the employee. Some examples of such injuries are head and/or brain injury, neck or back injury, hand or wrist injury, knee or leg injury, damaged eyesight or hearing, as well as exposure to hazardous chemicals and construction related injuries.

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