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Between the ever-present traffic jams and rising gas prices, more and more people are starting to rely on their bicycles for their daily transportation needs. This is especially true of California with its mild weather and outgoing, active, and adventurous lifestyle. Even though a lot of communities have bike lanes, a large number of cyclists have to use the roads that are filled with cars and trucks, putting them in a vulnerable position.

With an increased number of cyclists on the roads, it’s no surprise that the number of accidents is on the rise and that bicycle accident attorneys in Los Angeles have their hands full. No matter how skilled or careful you are, there is always a chance that something may go wrong due to someone’s negligence, poor road conditions, or faulty equipment. If you’re an injured party, don’t wait a moment more to contact a reliable bicycle accident lawyer who can help you get to grips with California’s bicycle laws and regulations.

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From back, neck, head, and shoulder injuries to serious arm, leg, and torso fractures, as the most vulnerable group on the road, cyclists are routinely on the receiving end of serious traumas, and in some cases life-threatening conditions. If you or your loved one have been hit by a car, van, truck, or motorcycle, had a collision with another cyclist, or were injured due to helmet, brakes, or bike malfunction, there is a significant chance you may be liable for compensation. Our well-versed bicycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles are ready to safeguard you from any foul play and erect a strong case on your behalf.

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Even in legal matters that may appear as routine, open-and-shut cases, there is a great chance that your claim may end up getting denied due to bad wording, missed deadlines, or lack of substantiating evidence. Knowing who’s to blame for the mishap is an important step in evaluating your legal options and compiling a strong claim. That’s why having an experienced and assertive bicycle accident attorney in Los Angeles is a must for people who want to avoid falling prey to often-times ruthless, inhumane, and insidious tactics of insurance companies.

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Surviving a traffic accident is a traumatic experience, even for individuals who were lucky to escape with minor injuries. Loss of workdays, change of rhythm, dealing with pain and psychological trauma, can all lead to feelings of despondency. If you choose to place your faith in our resolute bicycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles, we’ll gather all the necessary documentation, talk to the witnesses, write a claim on your behalf, and collect all the available evidence to provide you with the best chance of standing your ground and not leaving empty-handed. Call us now to give us more time to work!

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I get hit on my bike?

You should get in touch with a dependable bicycle accident attorney in Los Angeles because you have every right to file a claim for injury or financial losses incurred from medical bills or not being able to fulfill your job obligations. Even if you’re a victim of hit-and-run and are not sure how to track down the perpetrator, you still have a good chance of being compensated. Keep in mind though, that you’ll have to prove that you were not at fault for the traumas you’ve sustained.

What are the most common injuries in a bike accident?

While most injuries caused by bike accidents are plain to see, there is always a chance that you may have suffered an internal or head injury whose consequences could take time to develop. This is why it’s important to call your bicycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles ASAP and get the proper and prompt medical attention and avoid complications that are common with traffic smash-ups in general. Here are some of the most common medical problems caused by bicycle accidents:

  • Cuts, lesions, and scrapes (also known as road rash)
  • Wrist, arm, and foot pain, numbness, or fractures
  • Broken bones (particularly the extremities, ribs, and the collarbone)
  • Dislocated knee or kneecap
  • Torn ligaments and tendons (especially of legs and arms)
  • Neck, and back injuries
  • Internal bleeding and ruptured spleen
  • Head traumas (above all skull fracture, brain contusions, TBI, and intracranial hemorrhage)

How long do I have to file a claim?

According to California law, you have two years since the injury and accident to file a claim. However, even though California law provides a two-year timeframe, it’s very important not to waste time and give your bicycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles more wiggle time to make sure he’s got all the angles and eventualities covered. Time can be of the essence and by acting early you’re giving your legal representative the time needed to go through all the paperwork, interview witnesses, and prepare you for what may come. Act decisively, call us now!

How long can you receive workers’ comp in Los Angeles?

It will depend on the type and severity of your medical condition. Besides treating your injuries, getting timely and adequate medical attention will serve as an important piece of evidence in your bicycle accident attorney’s arsenal. The doctor will assess your medical condition and provide you with an appropriate disability rating that will be the determining factor when it comes to the duration of your workers’ compensation benefits. While most benefits packages extend for roughly two years, the maximum time a person can receive benefits is set at 240 weeks, or just a little over 4 and a half years.

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