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Independent Medical Review Attorney in Los Angeles

What is IMR?

IMR is the acronym for Independent Medical Review. It is a process that was developed to resolve disputes regarding the medical treatment of employees injured on the job.  As of July 1, 2013, the State of California requires the workers’ compensation system to use the process of IMR when reaching an agreement between disputing parties of a workplace accident.

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How the IMR Process Works?

When an individual is hurt on the job and files a workers’ compensation claim, there is a requested medical treatment plan outlined in the file. This request first goes through a utilization review, also known as UR. During the utilization process, employers or other claims administrators decide whether or not the requested medical treatment is medically necessary or not. If it is deemed unnecessary, the UR might modify the treatment plan, delay a decision, or simply deny treatment altogether. This outcome is unfortunate and obviously not ideal for an injured party, and can leave the individual in a world of worry and frustration. At this point, it’s time to begin the process of IMR, which brings in outside medical reviewers to oversee the legitimacy of your case versus the responsible party denying your benefits.

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Particularly in comparison with traditional and lengthy courtroom battles, IMR was originally designed to be a cost-effective and appropriate way of resolving medical treatment disputes after a workplace injury. The unfortunate reality is that the IMR process is proving to be just as complicated, and quite confusing for individuals who have suffered an occupational injury. The last thing you need when you should be focusing on your recovery is trying to make sense of lengthy and detailed legalities that probably make no sense to you.

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When you contact the experienced workers compensation lawyers  at the Los Angeles Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group, they can help guide your case through the IMR process and give you the best possible outcome for your claim. Whether you’ve already filed a claim and feel confused about what to do next, or you are just beginning the process, contact us at 323-601-1159 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. Our experienced IMR lawyers, will guide your claim though the IMR process properly and hopefully we will get your medical treatment accepted. We are also at your service should you require the assistance of a Los Angeles disability attorney or a specialized delayed cases attorney in  Los Angeles. If all else fails, you can always reach out to our experienced denied cases attorney in Los Angeles.

Who Pays for the IMR?

The cost of IMR’s are paid by employers who are required by law to provide injured employees with all medical treatment that is necessary to cure or properly treat the damage caused by a workplace injury. The State of California’s Department of Worker’s Compensation is required by law to contract with one or more outside independent medical review organizations to conduct the IMR.

To learn more about the independent medical review process, you can visit the State of California’s Department of Workers Compensation page about IMR:

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