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If you have received any type of injury or chemical exposure while at work, you are entitled to a worker’s compensation and protected by the Californian laws. There are plenty of different scenarios which could make you eligible for worker’s compensation. Normally, you would have to be exposed to any type of harmful chemical, or receive an injury that would cause pain, trauma and working disability. The best way of finding out what your options are is contacting one of our worker’s compensation lawyers here in Avalon. Simply call during business hours and inquire about worker’s compensation. It is highly suggested that you schedule a free consultation appointment with one of our lawyers and get all the details and information you need about work related injuries and exposure to chemicals. A consultation with our worker’s compensation lawyer is free of charge, and until your case is won by trial, you are not required or asked to pay any additional fees.

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As the Californian law states, any type of chemical exposure while at your working station entitles you to a financial compensation. Furthermore, the expenses of all your medical treatments, continuous medical care and prescription drugs will be covered by your employer’s insurance company. Not only that, but the law ensures that you are provided with a proper medical care. If you believe that you have not received proper medical care, please feel free to contact our Worker’s Compensation Attorney Group here in Avalon, and we will ensure that you receive financial benefits and proper compensation for the lack of medical care, as well as missed work due to injuries caused by chemical exposure or injuries at your work place. We will get you through the free consulting process, as well as provide you with the best possible solutions and outcomes. We will also help you file a new worker’s compensation claim, or work on your denied/approved claim. You are one phone call away from getting the help you need.

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While work injuries have more obvious symptoms, exposure to chemical substances has many different symptoms. Most common symptoms are eye irritation, skin irritation, light sensitivity, swollen eyelids and watery eyes, blurred and decreased vision, breathing issues, lung irritation, pain while breathing, burning in the lungs and breathing issues. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms as a result of a chemical exposure at your work place, or anywhere in near vicinity, please report it to your supervisors as soon as possible, and get proper medical care. Once you are stable and undertaking proper medical treatment, give our experienced workers compensation lawyers a call, and find out more about your situation while exploring your options.

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If your working environment includes hazardous materials and chemicals, as well as toxins and toxic substances, you may be at constant risk of chemical exposure injury. If you ever experience any of the above mentioned symptoms, you may be already suffering from a progressive exposure problem. It is essential that you seek immediate medical examination and treatment. If you haven’t received a proper training in handling chemicals or other toxic substances, and are not given a required hazmat suit, or even if you are given a suit but not put through a training program, you are to stay away from any type of dangerous chemicals until you receive a required training. Working under any other circumstances may put your life in danger. If you have been working in any such conditions, you are advised to report this to your supervisors and seek immediate medical attention. Please call 323-601-1159 to find out more about work compensation and schedule a free initial consultation today. Don’t waste any more time, act now!

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