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For more than two decades, the Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group helped Los Angeles residents realize their insurance claims and receive the medical and financial benefits that come with them. Today, our dedicated team is ready to defend your rights under California law with persistence and dedication.

Our professionals are all too familiar with the amount of trauma that a workplace injury can create, as well as the stress of having to navigate the perplexing legal process. For these reasons, we make it our priority to provide knowledgeable guidance that will lead to you getting the benefits you’re entitled to.

With us by your side, your sole focus will be on recovery

Individuals who suffer a job-related injury are often met with unfair treatment. Attempts to deny them much-needed medical care and financial compensation are all too common. What’s more, the legal system does little to make the situation easier. This often leads to confusion, frustration, and a vast amount of stress.

Our attorneys are here to remedy that. Leave it to our trained professionals to deal with a difficult judicial system and insurance companies’ lawyers. With us, you won’t have to stress about the intricacies of the process or worry if you’ve missed a key point of your case. With us, the only process you’ll have to focus on is recovery.

We Use All Our Knowledge to Shield Our Clients

Understanding what notices, letters, and documents mean can be a true struggle for someone inexperienced in legal workings. The terminology and bureaucratic jargon associated with insurance claims can easily make you feel lost and confused, especially because comprehending the intricacies can make the difference between you realizing your claim or not.

Fret not, that is what our skilled and experienced attorneys in Los Angeles are here for. Our workmans’ comp lawyers boast extensive knowledge which allows them to create appropriate documents, file claims, and answer notices in the appropriate way.

What’s more important, however, is that we understand the significance of keeping you in the loop. This is why we make it our mission to clearly and in great detail explain every aspect of the forms and process to our clients. With us by your side, you’ll feel vastly more calm, comfortable, and confident in the outcome of your case.

Rely on our Well-Versed Los Angeles Team for Swift Legal Assistance

The State of California imposes strict limits on the time you have to report your injury and file a claim. Each part of the process has specific deadlines that you and your legal team must meet. Therefore, if you get injured on the job, it is imperative to act without hesitation and with knowledgeable determination if you are to protect your rights.

Possible notices that require quick and decisive actions and responses include:

  1. A settlement offer that seeks to satisfy your claim and close the case;
  2. A notice that your benefits are ending or the decision to deny temporary benefits;
  3. A letter from the Insurance Company that expresses their objection to medical treatment. This is frequently done to argue against appropriate care recommended by your private physician.
  4. Paperwork that indicates that any decision on a claim is premature and that it will not be decided immediately on appropriate compensation or not.

Although it is always advisable to contact a reputable attorney who specializes in workers’ compensation cases from the start, you can also call for an appointment after you receive any of these notices or letters. Getting legal counsel is always welcome and it will increase the likelihood that you receive authorized medical treatment and financial benefits in a timely manner.


What Is Workers Compensation?

Worker’s Compensation (“Workers Comp” or “Work Comp”) is a state-controlled system that provides protection for both employers and employees in Los Angeles and the region in the event of workplace injuries and illnesses. It functions as follows:

  • The workers are guaranteed appropriate compensation for medical care and wages if they were injured on the job;
  • The employer can settle out of court for that amount, without having to go through an excessive and expensive lawsuit.

Do note that certain entities (e.g. federal workers, national industries like energy and maritime logistics, etc.) and small companies in certain states have access to different systems for these situations and, therefore, do not have to follow Worker’s Compensation laws.

Are All Injuries and Illnesses Covered By Workers Comp?

If you sustain an injury at work or contract an illness within the course of employment, the rules governing compensation are applicable. This can include (but is not limited to):

  • Accidents resulting in cuts and/or broken bones;
  • Repetitive stress injuries like herniated discs;
  • Catastrophic injuries such as skull fractures or severed spines;
  • Traumatic experiences that result in emotional and/or mental distress;
  • Illnesses contracted from infectious or chemical exposure.

However, be mindful that the same law does not cover pre-existing conditions.

What Benefits Can You Get?

It is impossible to determine with reasonable accuracy how much in compensation or which benefits you will gain, without in-depth information about the details of your injury and treatment requirements.

In general, Workers Comp benefits include coverage for:

  • Medical expenses;
  • Lost wages;
  • Vocational rehabilitation (in some cases).

In the case that a spouse or a parent died in a workplace accident, benefits become available to the closest family members. For more details, it is best to contact a reputable attorney in the Los Angeles area.

Who Pays Out the Worker’s Comp Benefits?

Compensation funds can come from one of 3 sources:

  • Worker’s Comp Insurance: The most commonly used and required in some regions;
  • Private Insurance: Companies may opt to purchase their own insurance for claims coverage;
  • State-Set Funds: Some states collect funding directly from employers and set up funds for this purpose.

What Should I Do if I Was Injured At Work?

Immediately after seeking medical aid (e.g. within 30 days), you should inform your employer of the incident and the extent of your injuries. If your health allows it, you should deliver the written notification in person, rather than asking a coworker to pass the news. Being organized will be of great help in realizing your claim.

Next, schedule a consultation appointment with a qualified workers’ comp attorney near you. Realizing a claim can be quite a confusing process, and a lawyer with an excellent track record will help you navigate it with the least amount of stress and the greatest chance of success.

Lastly, per your lawyer’s instructions, gather the necessary documentation and they will help you file your claim. After that, you can focus all your attention on recovery, while they worry about court business.

Do I Have to Use a Particular Doctor?

You can receive emergency medical care from whichever doctor you prefer, without repercussions. Similarly, you can get a diagnosis and treatment plan from your chosen healthcare specialist in Los Angeles and the area, also without consequences.

However, in most cases, workers’ comp claims demand that you see a medical specialist associated with your employer’s insurance carrier, as it enables you to receive direct compensation for your medical bills.

Still, be mindful that the state laws and specifics of each case differ. Therefore, it is best to converse with your attorney to find out exactly how you can get a second opinion, expand your treatment options, or see a specialist outside of the network.

What Should I Do if My Claim Gets Denied?

Even if your claim gets denied, it is not a reason to panic or despair. You can still appeal the decision. However, it is highly advisable that you have professional help, should you decide to do so. The process gets increasingly complicated and convoluted, filled with a lot of specific details and legal jargon that only an experienced attorney can understand.

What to do if a Fellow Employee or Third Party Hurt Me?

If you get injured by a coworker or an outside third party while performing your job duties, either through their negligence or recklessness, you are entitled to compensation. For instance, if a fellow employee does not follow safety instructions and drops a heavy box on you, resulting in you suffering a broken leg, you can file for workers’ comp and get compensation for medical care.

However, if a coworker or a third party deliberately injures you while on the job, that counts as willful misconduct or even a violent crime, in which case you should turn to the police first and the skillful legal team immediately following the incident.

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