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Most people who have received any type of work related injury don’t have the strength to change their lives. They are caught in the infinite loop, and have become miserable. Pain and suffering is the only thing on their minds, followed by plenty of stress. This type of life is unhealthy, and usually does not end well. Don’t be one of those people!

If you received any type of work related injury, yes, you will feel a lot of pain, you will have to endure stress and suffering, but know that this is not the end. As grim as it seems, your life can and will change for the better. You are yet to discover your true options, and your endless possibilities. Start by giving us a call, and we will make sure that you find out what can be done, as well as ensure that you do something about your life. We encourage you to act now.


Workers Compensation Claim El Monte

Once your medical care is over and your health stabilizes, the first thing you should do is reach out to us. Our team of personal injury lawyers is at your disposal and is looking forward to hearing from you. They have over 100 years of combined experience, and have recovered over 1 billion dollars, helping thousands of clients over the course of years. This is the team you want in your corner, the winning team that will help you with legal representation, counseling and legal guidance. Call us today and schedule an initial consultation, completely free. The purpose of this consultation is for you to understand what your options are and to learn more about worker’s compensation and worker’s compensation claim. Once you find out that you have nothing to lose but so much to gain, you will be ready to make a change. Let us guide the way.


Workers Compensation El Monte

Every employee within the state of California is protected by the legislative system, which entitles him to full worker’s compensation and financial benefits. These financial benefits and compensation should cover for lost wages, medical care and pain and suffering. You employer’s insurance company is the one in charge of covering for your medical care and all future medical treatments of the same injury. In case the employer is uncooperative, let us know and we will reach out to him. You have every right and are entitled to financial compensation for everything you have been through from the moment you received your work related injury. This is the price your employer has to pay for neglecting the employees at work, and not providing safe working conditions.


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We know your pain, and understand that you are scared and confused. Don’t let these emotions stand in your way. Pick up your phone, and dial 323-601-1159. Schedule an initial consultation, and start working on your case from there. Our team of highly experienced and professional personal injury attorneys is there for you, to provide legal guidance and cover all the legal expenses. Our attorneys work on contingency – no win, no fees charged. In addition, our services require no down payment, and are completely free until your case is completely solved and you receive your worker’s compensation, along with other financial benefits owed to you. Now that you know all of this, all that is left is for you to call us during business hours, or write us an email any time you want. We are very responsive and reply to every email as soon as we receive it. Act now!