Shoulder and Elbow Injuries Attorney in Los Angeles

Shoulder Injury Attorney in Los Angeles

Whether you shoulder or elbow injury is a result from repetitive lifting, carrying items, reaching, pulling or even caused by a sudden accident such as a slip and fall, or machine malfunction, shoulder and elbow injuries do occur often on the job. When such injuries develop slowly over a period of time as a repetitive stress injury, they can be hard to diagnose as they come on slowly to one day be so bothersome injured workers are perplexes as to how the pain and injury occurred. That is why is it important to report any pain that may occur on the job to your supervisor immediately and file an injury report and request medical treatment. Even if you do report the injury insurance companies doctors may attribute your injury to something that is non-work related. Unfortunately many people accept this erroneous diagnosis and do not take the time to speak with an attorney and realize there are other options, like being sent to a doctor who doesn’t work closely with the insurance company, a doctor who is likely to advocate for the injured worker and not their employer’s insurance companies pocket book.

Shoulder Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles

Recovery from shoulder and elbow injuries can require physical therapy and even surgery to help eradicate or even mitigate pain disabilities caused by the injury. Shoulder and elbow injuries can require many weeks of down time from work and in some cases can prevent injured workers from going back to their old job if the personal injury was caused by repetitive stress. These types of injuries are cumulative and often times injured workers who acquire these types of injuries need to abandon their job and find something else that does not exacerbate their elbow or shoulder.

Have you suffered an injury to your elbow or shoulder? If so, you understand the physical, and psychological suffering that can accompany these injuries. There are a wide range of functions and movements that shoulder and elbow injuries affect, causing the injured individual a challenge when it comes to returning to work and normal daily functions. Often, injured parties must wait until the injury is fully healed to return to work. If you have found yourself in a position of suffering due to a shoulder or elbow injury, it’s extremely important that you receive the proper medical treatment immediately and the full financial benefits owed to you by the work comp system to cover your bills during your recovery period.

Elbow Injuries Attorney in Los Angeles

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