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If you’ve suffered an injury or illness at work, the first step is always to get urgent medical help, because stabilizing your health is a priority. But once you’re safe, it’s time to explore your legal options and make sure you get the benefits you’re legally entitled to in order to make the healing process as stress-free as possible. For that, our workers’ compensation attorneys in Woodland Hills are at your service, ready to help you get the benefits that you deserve.

We’ll help you navigate complex legal processes with ease

It’s recommended to reach out to reputable workers compensation lawyers in Woodland Hills as soon as you’ve received urgent medical care for your workplace injury or disease. That’s where we come in: we help individuals such as yourself get their lives back on track. We want to help you get your benefits quickly and make the entire process as simple as possible. 

We understand your pain and how challenging all of this can be. But we don’t want you to get discouraged or intimidated by your employer’s insurance company. Our work injury lawyers offer clarity and support, and are here precisely to help you navigate this battle without stress. Reach out to us and let’s get your case moving forward.

Devoted work injury attorneys in Woodland Hills

First, you need to file a claim. We can provide you with all the information you need to file correctly and guide you through the process. However, claims can sometimes be denied or delayed. If this happens, we focus on having it reevaluated. No matter the situation, our work injury lawyers will do everything they can so that you receive what you’re owed.

Know that within the state of California, every employee is entitled to full workers’ compensation as well as fully covered medical treatment. If your employer’s insurance company refuses to cover your expenses, you have the right to sue them and bring the case to trial. Sometimes, the insurance companies even try to stall the process, hoping you’ll give up. No matter what happens, we’re ready to face those challenges with you head-on. With our work comp lawyers in Woodland Hills representing you, there’s no chance for failure.

Count on a team of dedicated legal specialist

Are you still unsure about giving us a call? Our initial consultations are free, and we’re well aware of how stressful this situation can be. When you get in touch with us, one of our work comp lawyers will provide you with general information, talk to you about your options, and put your mind at ease. We work on a contingency basis, meaning that if you decide to partner with us and fight this battle, we’ll only take our fee if we win.

The law protects you and you deserve to recover in peace and without added stress. Our mission is to empower workers with knowledge and show you that while this system may seem complex, justice is on your side. Contact us today, and rely on a team of experienced, dedicated workers’ compensation attorneys in Woodland Hills to quickly and efficiently secure your benefits!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my rights under workers' compensation in California?

In California, if you’re injured or get sick while performing your job duties or as a result of doing so, you’re entitled to benefits. Accidents like these can turn your life upside down with pain, stress, medical bills, and lost wages, so this law is there to protect you and ensure you have enough resources to recover. If you’re currently dealing with the aftermath of a work injury, workers’ compensation attorneys in Woodland Hills can help you get justice and maximize your settlement.

What are the work injury benefits?

Work injury benefits include medical care for your injury, temporary disability payments if you can’t work, and permanent disability payments if your injury leads to long-term problems. Depending on the specific situation, they may also include travel costs for medical visits and other financial benefits.

What should be done immediately after an injury in the workplace?

After a work injury, the first step is always to get urgent medical help, especially if the injury is serious. Next, you should tell your supervisor or employer about the situation as soon as possible, ideally in writing.

They will give you a claim form to fill out which you should complete and return promptly. Their insurance company will evaluate it, and you’ll then start receiving benefits. If your situation is specific or if you want to make sure you’re doing everything correctly, a workers’ compensation lawyer in Woodland Hills can help guide you through the process.

Is my job protected while on workers' comp in California?

California law protects employees from being fired just for filing a workers’ comp claim. However, your employers can still let you go for valid reasons not related to your injury, like company cutbacks or poor performance. If you think you’ve been fired because of your injury or claim, talk to a reputable work injury attorney to protect your rights and find out your options.

Where to find the #1 workers compensation attorneys near me in Woodland Hills, CA & nearby?

Uncertainty or lack of confidence often prevents injured workers from seeking justice, but Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group is here to make the process straightforward for you. We are a team of dedicated workers’ compensation lawyers ready to help you navigate the legal aspects of this situation and get the benefits that you deserve.

Our assistance is available in a range of locations across the region, whether you’re near Serrania Park, another part of Woodland Hills, or another nearby area. Need professional help with your claim in Altadena or trusted work injury attorneys in Agoura Hills? We’ve got you covered. Reach out to us today, and we’ll guide you through the legal process so you can fully focus on recovering and getting back to your daily life!