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Getting workers’ compensation benefits is a complex process; an uphill battle with obstacles littered everywhere and challenges growing with every step taken. For an individual who sustained a job-related injury and who needs to focus on recovery, this undertaking can prove overwhelming and goals borderline unachievable.

Fortunately, that’s why you have Workers Compensation Attorney Group. As the leading work injury lawyers in Toluca Lake, we’re here to turn your legal battle into a field trip – and with our 100+ years of collective experience, you can rest assured that we have the necessary knowledge, legal tools, and negotiating prowess to make it happen.

Why we’re the preferred workers compensation attorneys in Toluca Lake

Over the 20+ years of tenure, our team has recovered more than $1 billion in benefits, ranking us among the best work comp lawyers in Toluca Lake and throughout the area. More than that, our attorneys are held in the highest regard by each of our past clients, owing to our professional yet compassionate approach to providing legal services.

Here, you can expect to be treated with the care and respect that you deserve, to receive the educated advice that you need, and to get the best possible chance at a favorable outcome as you’re entitled to by California Law.

We stand by you through thick and thin

After so much time in the industry, we understand full well how tackling work comp might make you feel – anxious, confused, scared even. We are here to eliminate those stressors from the equation and make the whole situation much more bearable.

From initial counseling and help filing your claim to negotiating with the insurers and advocating for your rights in court, our mindful workers’ compensation attorneys are ready to stand by you and provide specialized legal guidance every step of the way.

Act today, secure your tomorrow!

Workers’ compensation is a time-sensitive process and every minute you hesitate only diminishes your ability to secure your future. Do not let this opportunity pass you by and leave your well-being to chance!

Our work comp attorneys in Toluca Lake stand ready to put all their combined legal prowess to good use and give you the best shot at receiving maximum benefits. Dial 323-601-1159 today and let us fight for your tomorrow!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is California a no-fault state for workers' compensation?

Yes, California is a no-fault state when it comes to workers’ compensation. The program itself was specifically designed to help individuals who have received a work-related injury and are willing to make a deal with their employers.

Normally, workers’ compensation is provided upon agreed terms where the worker signs that he/she will not sue the company for negligence and bad working conditions. In exchange, employees get the “no-fault” protection and are entitled by law and the state of California to financial benefits and covered medical care.

While this idea sounds simple, the reality is that the process is much more convoluted. Therefore, if you received a work-related injury and are for fair compensation, it is highly advisable to reach out to a reputable work injury lawyer in Toluca Lake and find out more about your options.

What injuries are covered by workers compensation in California?

Workers’ compensation covers many different types of personal injuries, including (but not limited to):

  • Head and neck injuries
  • Shoulder and elbow injuries
  • Hand and wrist injuries
  • Hearing loss
  • Chemical exposure
  • Construction injuries
  • and many more.

Each of these injuries entitles you to financial benefits as well as provided medical coverage by your employer’s insurance company. However, due to the complexities of the process and tactics employed by the insurance company’s agents, you will need the help of an experienced work comp lawyer if you want to realize maximum compensation.

What work injury pays the most?

Workers’ compensation lawyers in Toluca Lake realize the highest payouts for injuries that result in permanent disabilities or severely hinder a person’s ability to provide for themselves and their dependents. Some examples include:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Severe burn injuries
  • Amputations

Can I get another job while on workers' comp in California?

In general, yes. As any reputable work injury attorney will tell you, workers in California have the legal right to change jobs whenever they wish, even if they’re on work comp benefits provided by their current employer. However, this right comes with a caveat:

  • If the new job pays the same or more than the previous one, the employee may no longer be eligible to receive benefits.

Along with the high potential for re-injury or even not healing completely, this decision is most definitely a high-risk one. Therefore, it is imperative to carefully consider the implication of changing jobs while on work comp.

Where to find top-rated workers compensation lawyers near me in Toluca Lake, CA & the area?

Whether you’re in Toluca Lake or on the other side of the Los Angeles River, there’s no better place to receive educated counsel and direction on the legal side of work injuries and related processes than the Workers Compensation Attorney Group.

Our team consists of tried-and-true specialists, dedicated to guiding you through the process in a way that minimizes stress and maximizes the outcome – and not only in Toluca Lake. Our services are available throughout the region, so you can turn to us for mindful help with your work injury case in Bell Gardens or expertise-based guidance through the work comp process in Bellflower. Call today!