Trustworthy Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in South California

Individuals who suffer a workplace injury often end up feeling scared, uncertain of their financial future. Atop the pain their wounds are causing, the inability to provide for themselves and their families adds a layer of emotional anguish, making a bad situation worse.

The Workers Compensation Attorney Group is here to take that uncertainty out of your life. With more than two decades forefronting the legal scene in Southern California, our work injury lawyers are the go-to authority on the subject. Today, our 100+ years of combined expertise stands at your disposal, ready to take you to the brighter tomorrow.

We’re here to give you the advantage

Handling a work comp claim on your own can be a frustrating experience and a daunting task. Not only do you need extensive knowledge to navigate the Southern California legal landscape, but you’re at a severe disadvantage to insurance companies.

Right from the start, you’ll be forced to deal with their hyper-aggressive lawyers, whose only purpose is to minimize the benefits that are rightfully yours. And they are good at their job. Fortunately, our workers’ compensation attorneys are more than well-equipped to handle them!

Aim for maximum settlement – our work comp lawyers in Southern California will help you reach it

For 20+ years, our specialists have been going head-to-head with the insurance companies’ representatives, fiercely advocating for our clients’ rights. Over that time, we’ve helped thousands of individuals claim compensation of more than $1 billion combined – a feat very few work injury lawyers can match.

However, we do not only help you get the benefits. We’re completely dedicated to helping you get the maximum settlement possible for your case. Our unyielding commitment to our clients, paired with our legacy of excellence, distinguishes us as a premier option for all those seeking justice through the workers’ compensation system.

Your journey to fair compensation starts with our work injury attorneys

You don’t have to let a workplace injury define your life or dictate your future. Not when the solution to your financial stability is so readily within reach. Turn to our workers compensation attorneys in Southern California for comprehensive guidance and let us work together to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. Reach out to us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my rights under workers’ compensation in California?

If you fall ill or get injured as a direct consequence of performing your workplace duties, you’re entitled to the following benefits:

  • Medical care;
  • Temporary/Permanent disability benefits;
  • Death benefits.

How long can you be out on workers comp in California?

The duration of work comp benefits may vary based on the following factors:

  • The severity of your injuries or illness;
  • The length of the recovery process;
  • Your adherence to treatment or rehabilitation plan.

In general, these benefits start from the date of injury, and can last:

  • Up to 104 weeks for lighter injuries;
  • Up to 240 weeks for severe injuries.

However, it must be noted that insurance companies do have a say regarding benefits duration.  This is why you should have experienced workers’ compensation attorneys from South California negotiate with their representatives on your behalf, as their expertise can significantly increase both the length of time and the amount you may receive.

What injuries are covered by workers' compensation in California?

The three types of injuries that can be compensated are:

  • Injuries sustained suddenly, such as slip-and-fall incidents or work-related vehicular accidents;
  • Injuries accrued over time, such as gradual hearing loss or carpal tunnel syndrome;
  • Illnesses developed due to unsafe working conditions, such as lung disease resulting from exposure to toxic chemicals.

It should also be noted that injuries covered by workers’ compensation aren’t limited to physical ailments alone, but also extend to job-induced mental issues or illnesses in what work injury lawyers from Southern California refer to as “psychological and stress cases”.

Can you be terminated while on workers comp in California?

Legally, your employer cannot fire you just because you sustained a job injury or for filing a workers’ comp claim. However, you can be fired for other reasons, not pertaining to the aforementioned ones, such as previous poor work performance or company restructuring that cancels your position.

Where can I find reputable workers' compensation attorneys near me in Southern California & nearby?

Whether you’re on Santa Catalina Island and need help filing a work comp claim in Avalon or you’re in Los Angeles County looking for expert guidance with your case in Bel Air, turning to the Workers Compensation Attorney Group is your best choice.

Our work comp lawyers in Southern California specialize in every facet of work injury laws and are able to provide comprehensive legal representation, securing the maximum benefits you deserve. Contact us today for a 100% FREE, no-obligation consultation!