Los Angeles Disability Attorney

Los Angeles Disability Attorney

Anyone who suffers from an injury at work deals with feelings of fear and worry. How long will my recovery take? When will I get back to work? When you discover that your injury has caused a disability and will affect your ability to work, feelings of helplessness often creep in. If your injury has resulted in a 100% permanent disability, you may feel that you will never get your life back. The experienced workers comp attorneys at the Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group in Los Angeles understand how difficult this time can be, and we can help. Our experienced workers compensation disability attorneys can help you get the benefits that you and your family deserve.

Permanent and Temporary Disability Benefits

When a workplace injury causes ongoing problems, the individual it happened to can file for either temporary or permanent disability benefits. In order to increase the chances of a positive outcome to your claim, consult with and higher the right attorney in the area. You want experience and know-how on your side to get you through this stressful process.

When you seek medical care after sustaining an injury on a job site, your physician will determine whether you have been disabled in any way. Temporary disability is not about staying at home for a week so a bump or cut heals. The criteria comes from particular medical and governmental rules that doctors and attorneys understand.

In California, it does not matter if you caused the problem or if the injury happened for some other reason. Disability, which means that you are unable to work for a period of time or forever, does not differentiate between causes or circumstances. If it happened while performing job duties, workers compensation rules dictate that you can receive disability benefits.

The various forms of workers compensation benefits include:

Medical Benefits – The majority of people with successful workers comp claims receive medical benefits. This money compensates you for whatever you spend for doctors’ appointments, treatment, necessary equipment, medication, and similar things.

Temporary Disability – If your doctor determines that you are disabled for a certain amount of time, you can receive a portion of your weekly salary in temporary benefits. These are designed to compensate you for lost wages for up to 104 weeks.

Temporary Partial Disability – These are similar to the benefits mentioned above, but pay out a smaller portion of your wages. These are paid if you can still do part-time work or a portion of your previous job but not the whole thing. They make up part of the difference between your full-time salary and whatever portion of it you can currently earn by working.

Permanent Disability – When a workplace injury results in permanent and stationary disability, which means you are unable to work at all, you receive compensation appropriate to your salary or income prior to the accident occurring. There are many different criteria that go into figuring out what the actual financial amount will be. Please realize that disability benefits have nothing to do with “pain and suffering” or any of those civil suit claims.

Permanent Partial Disability – Similar to temporary partial disability, these benefits are paid to you if you are permanently disabled but still able to work to a certain degree. Again, it makes up the difference between income expectations before the injury and afterward.

For any type of permanent disability benefits, your doctors must determine that they have done everything possible to improve your diagnosis, capabilities, and quality of life. They must determine that there are no other treatment options available to make you better.

Your position will determine which of these categories you fall under and their records and your attorney’s understanding of California law, will help present an appropriate claim so you can get financial benefits to help you carry on.

If you are facing a long-term injury or disability, contact us for a consultation to learn how we can help you through the claims process and get you the maximum benefits allowed by law.

Disability Lawyer in Los Angeles

If you have become disabled through a work-related injury, you may be confused about your options with workers’ comp and Social Security Disability Insurance, known as SSDI. The experienced and aggressive disability attorneys at the Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group in Los Angeles understand the complex process of filing these claims, and can help you navigate the complicated web of workers’ comp and disability claim crossover cases.

Don’t Go Through This Alone

It is common for disabled individuals to become confused and overwhelmed when dealing with their disability and attempting to recover the benefits they deserve. Disabled individuals who work with experienced attorneys to file their claims are much more successful than individuals who file their claims independently. Let the friendly and knowledgeable stress attorney Los Angeles at the Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group in Los Angeles advocate for you and get you the benefits you deserve under the law.

In addition to workers’ compensation benefits, you may also be entitled to Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (SSDI). Unfortunately, about 60% of social security disability claims are denied the first time. Sadly, this is true even for those with valid claims or  claim work related mental stress and legitimate and severe disabilities. Working with an experienced attorney can drastically increase your chances of getting your SSDI claim approved the first time. If your disability claim has already been denied, an experienced disability attorney in Los Angeles can help you file an appeal and work to get your denied SSDI claim back accepted. And if you are denied, you won’t have to deal with the stressful and time consuming appeal process alone.

Act quickly!

If you have been disabled from a work related injury or accident, it is vital to take action as soon as possible in order to protect your rights and get the full benefits you deserve. Contact the friendly and experienced disability attorneys at the Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group in Los Angeles immediately to discuss your worker’s compensation and/or disability case and learn how we can help. Call us today at 323-601-1159 to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our Los Angeles delayed cases attorney,
denied cases attorney in Los Angeles  and disability attorney in Los Angeles.

Disability Attorneys in Los Angeles

Don’t face the confusing legal system alone, or simply hope that the system will work for you. Contact us now at 323-601-1159 to learn how our disability attorney can help you obtain the workers’ compensation and disability benefits that are rightfully yours. Remember, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. All cases are taken on a contingency, so if our lawyers don’t win your case, you don’t pay!